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Hot Stocks of the Week 7/11/16

DGLY: went up about 62% on Friday. Keeping a close eye on this one as it might pop on Monday morning. ANTH: popped mid-session on Friday and held itself at the $3.80 range. EBIO: moved about 4% after… Read More


Due to the fact that I am now a full-time equities day trader (man it felt amazing to type that!), I will be doing things a bit differently. Instead of a weekly update of my profit or losses,… Read More

So I decided to Quit

When I graduated from college, the first thing that I did was reach out to my alumni network for general job hunting/career/life advice, and one of the most memorable conversations I had was with an alumni in a… Read More


Summer is (almost) here! Being a summer child, I love it when June comes around and makes it unbearably hot and the only way to answer to the heat is by going to the pool/beach or staying home… Read More

Slow and Steady

May is basically here, which means, its almost time for summer, aka half the year is almost gone! Although I would love to reach the $25,000 goal in a month, I’ve learned that slow and steady wins the… Read More

Necessary Venting

If you are one of the few people that knows me closely, you know that I overthink and overanalyze everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. If something is not “how it should be”, I tend to focus on that… Read More

Pressure Sidenote

In one of my first posts, I disclosed that I have two trading accounts, with one that has less than $800 and another with less than $8,000. Now this is pretty important because my profits are relatively “small”… Read More

Earnings Season

Ahhhh earnings season, the most magical time of every quarter. So this will be my second earnings season as a part-time trader; I feel like my first season was a big blur filled with surprises (welcomed and otherwise)… Read More


Being told you’re wrong can be a bit of a tricky thing to get a grip of. Most of us tend to get defensive and end the conversation (always great dealing with people that do this -___-), while… Read More

Before placing your first trade

The list below includes things that I wish I had known before I placed my first trade: Pattern Day Trader: so this means that if you execute four or more day trades or “roundtrips” within 5 business days… Read More