Hot Stocks of the Week 7/11/16

  • DGLY: went up about 62% on Friday. Keeping a close eye on this one as it might pop on Monday morning.
  • ANTH: popped mid-session on Friday and held itself at the $3.80 range.
  • EBIO: moved about 4% after hours on Friday, after having a downward trend the entire day. This might indicate a trend turn around.
  • SFUN: went up 20 cents on Friday pretty steadily through out the day, might pop up a bit during the week.

Earnings to look out for:

  • Monday: AA
  • Tuesday: ADTN
  • Wednesday: DRWI
  • Thursday: REGN, WNS
  • Friday: FBRC

Upcoming IPO’s:

  • Tuesday: LN (Line Corp.)
  • Friday: APFH (AdvancePierre Foods Holdings)

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