Hot Stocks of the Week 7/17/16

  • OPTT: this stock doubled last week on news that the company deployed its newest product of the New Jersey coast (PB3 PowerBuoy). This could easily pop off again on Monday, so keep it in mind. Great opportunity for short sellers as well.
  • SPU: this stock doubled as well, apparently NASDAQ wasn’t convinced that the stock was doubling just on volume so they halted it until more information is provided. Definitely keep it in mind this week.
  • REN: had a great upwards run towards the end of the day on Friday, worth a look on Monday morning.
  • NFLX: Earnings is coming up so you will see a lot of activity on this stock.

Earnings to look out for: (It’s earnings season soooooo this is definitely a very VERY condensed list)

  • Monday:
    • AGR
    • NFLX
    • IBM
    • YHOO
  • Tuesday:
    • LMT
    • IBKR
    • HLX
  • Wednesday:
    • AKG
    • EBAY
  • Thursday:
    • CMG
  • Friday:
    • AAL
    • ABCB

Upcoming IPOs:

  • Thursday:
    • PTHN (Pantheon NV)
    • BOLD (Audiences Therapeutics, Inc.)
    • TPIC (TPI Composites, Inc.)

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