June Midweek #2

These past couple of weeks I’ve been bombarded with personal/work related crap so I had to stop trading for a bit. This week has been relatively stagnant, which is probably because of the FOMC announcement that came out today. No interest rate hike though, so activity should pick up tomorrow. Here’s a few stocks I will be glancing over the remainder of the week:

  • MGT: They announced the appointment of the Executive Director of Bitcoin, Bruce Fenton, to their Cryptocurrency Advisory Board this morning. The stock has been going on a pretty strong upward trend since, it could definitely pop in the morning
  • AKAO: had a nice 20 cent increase in the last 5 minutes before the closing bell and it hasn’t gone down a significant amount after hours. Possible gap play for tomorrow.
  • TA: they just rejected a buy out offer at $14 per share from Golden Gate Capital, which could lead to a an upward trend tomorrow, won’t pop like it did today, but it has potential to keep going up.


Pretty slow week, so if there’s nothing out there worth trading, keep your money safe in cash!

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