May Midweek #2

Now that the “Massacre of Cinco de Mayo” is behind us, I have a very positive outlook for this week. Here are some stocks that have caught my eye:

  • SODA: Sodastream had a great 1Q 2016. They released their financial reports on Monday and the stock has been going up ever since. I feel like it might level out tomorrow, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.
  • CCXI: They announced that they will be hosting an R&D day on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST in New York, NY this morning at 7:30AM EST. This may have been the catalyst for the upward trend that was on full display today, which I’m glad to say I took advantage of. The momentum could extend until tomorrow morning, so it wouldn’t hurt to check this stock out.
  • YRD: They just released their 1Q 2016 results, and they’re pretty impressive. Over the past year, their total net revenue increased by 187% and their net income increased by 355%. These are some amazing numbers that warrant a look at in tomorrow’s trading session.
  • M: Today was a rough day for Retailers, Macy’s slashed sales forecasts which ended up  bringing down the whole sector. It might bottom out tomorrow, so it could be worth a look.
  • CHK: This is usually one of my favorite stocks to watch, it seems to have a tendency to spike up randomly and if you’re lucky enough to catch it before it does, well you’ll be glad you had it under your radar. Looking at the chart right now, it might have a sudden spike in the morning, so I’ll definitely have it up on my screen.

As always, please remember that anything and everything can happen so trade accordingly.

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