May Midweek #3

This week has been full of excitement so far! and here’s why:

  • MGT: so this stock completely skyrocketed this week! I actually caught some of the action, but failed to really capitalize on it. A lot of news came out about their investments in cybersecurity and other tech sector involvements, which is always a good catalyst for an upward run. The run took a turn for the worst today though, but it might pop a bit in the morning so it’s not a bad idea to glance over it.
  • GBSN: more than doubled today, a reaction to the news that they are starting a clinical trial for their sample-to-result Bordatella direct test, which will detect direct from a patient’s sample a bacterium that causes whooping cough. Worth a look a tomorrow morning.
  • CCXI: spiked through out the day due to news of high volume of insiders buying shares. The stock chart indicates that shares are still going up, which might carry out until tomorrow or even Friday.
  • DNAI: shares jumped 10% in after-hour trading, momentum could make this stock a great opening bell candidate.

As always, before entering a trade make sure it meets all your trade requirements!

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