Hot Stocks of the Week 7/25/16

  • OPTT: this stock is still pretty hot, I talked it about last week. Definitely keep it on your radar this coming week.
  • SPU: talked about this stock last week, closed out on Friday over $14 and it’s gapping in an upward trend.
  • GBR: this stock tripled on Friday, has a great shot of popping on volume Monday morning.
  • KONE: gained more ground on Friday, could keep going up this week.

Earnings to look out for:

  • Monday:
    • EXP
    • ROP
    • RE
    • LVS
    • LECO
    • WAB
  • Tuesday:
    • MMM
    • AKS
    • ARLP
    • AAT
    • AXE
    • AAPL
    • AUDC
    • BAX
    • CNV
    • ETH
    • GRAM
    • MCD
    • NANO
    • TRU
    • TWTR
    • UA
  • Wednesday:
    • ANGI
    • ANTM
    • BLDP
    • ABX
    • CRCM
    • ETM
    • FB
    • GPRO
    • KGC
    • KRA
    • LL
    • SFLY
    • SVU
    • CAKE
    • WM
    • WLL
  • Thursday:
    • ATEN
    • ABMD
    • AFL
    • GOOG
    • AMZN
    • ARIA
    • BIDU
    • CLF
    • CLD
    • CS
    • CY
    • CYTK
    • DRAD
    • EXPE
    • F
    • ROCK
    • GRUB
    • HBIO
    • MDWD
    • MERC
    • N
    • NVCR
    • VALE
    • YNDX
  • Friday:
    • AON
    • ARCB
    • COG
    • CPLP
    • OFC
    • ERJ
    • XOM
    • MRK
    • MGI
    • PNM
    • VTR

Upcoming IPOs:

  • Wednesday:
    • KDMN (Kadmon Holdings, LLC)
  • Thursday:
    • KNSL (Kinsale Capital Group, Inc.)
  • Friday:
    • BIOV (Bioventus, Inc.)
    • TLND (Talend SA)


Hot Stocks of the Week 7/17/16

  • OPTT: this stock doubled last week on news that the company deployed its newest product of the New Jersey coast (PB3 PowerBuoy). This could easily pop off again on Monday, so keep it in mind. Great opportunity for short sellers as well.
  • SPU: this stock doubled as well, apparently NASDAQ wasn’t convinced that the stock was doubling just on volume so they halted it until more information is provided. Definitely keep it in mind this week.
  • REN: had a great upwards run towards the end of the day on Friday, worth a look on Monday morning.
  • NFLX: Earnings is coming up so you will see a lot of activity on this stock.

Earnings to look out for: (It’s earnings season soooooo this is definitely a very VERY condensed list)

  • Monday:
    • AGR
    • NFLX
    • IBM
    • YHOO
  • Tuesday:
    • LMT
    • IBKR
    • HLX
  • Wednesday:
    • AKG
    • EBAY
  • Thursday:
    • CMG
  • Friday:
    • AAL
    • ABCB

Upcoming IPOs:

  • Thursday:
    • PTHN (Pantheon NV)
    • BOLD (Audiences Therapeutics, Inc.)
    • TPIC (TPI Composites, Inc.)

Hot Stocks of the Week 7/11/16

  • DGLY: went up about 62% on Friday. Keeping a close eye on this one as it might pop on Monday morning.
  • ANTH: popped mid-session on Friday and held itself at the $3.80 range.
  • EBIO: moved about 4% after hours on Friday, after having a downward trend the entire day. This might indicate a trend turn around.
  • SFUN: went up 20 cents on Friday pretty steadily through out the day, might pop up a bit during the week.

Earnings to look out for:

  • Monday: AA
  • Tuesday: ADTN
  • Wednesday: DRWI
  • Thursday: REGN, WNS
  • Friday: FBRC

Upcoming IPO’s:

  • Tuesday: LN (Line Corp.)
  • Friday: APFH (AdvancePierre Foods Holdings)


Due to the fact that I am now a full-time equities day trader (man it felt amazing to type that!), I will be doing things a bit differently.

  • Instead of a weekly update of my profit or losses, it will now be a monthly update.
  • I will post a watchlist of stocks to look out for in the upcoming week every Sunday, while also posting a daily watchlist on StockTwits.
  • Any new software or tool that I come across will be reviewed detailedly.
  • Per the current system, I will keep posting random insights and helpful technical indicator posts that I’ve successfully used.

As my first week of being a full-time trader ends, I have to say that I’ve never been more excited and nervous at the same time. Last month I barely traded so this week I felt super rusty, kind of like when you were little and you fell of your bike and stopped riding it for awhile and when you finally got back on it you felt like you didn’t know what was going on below your waist. Just gotta shake it off and get back on the trading trails.

Since I’m brand new to this, consider this a work in progress and changes to the blog will be made the more experience I get. This week has been an eye opener, as there’s so much to learn! Right now I am currently playing around with the charting software TradingView and the news software TradeTheNews, so you can expect a review on both sometime this month.

So I decided to Quit

When I graduated from college, the first thing that I did was reach out to my alumni network for general job hunting/career/life advice, and one of the most memorable conversations I had was with an alumni in a leadership position in a healthcare company in D.C. I reached out to him via LinkedIn and he was kind enough to reply with his availability and phone number, which was not as rare as you would think, but it was still foreign considering the volume of people I contacted.  He happily went over his experience, how he got his first job out of college, what skills are most valuable to employers, and where I would have a better chance of getting hired based on my level of skill and education. Before we got off the phone, he said “Oh and don’t be afraid to make drastic changes, you’re young so try different roles and move to different cities, if you’re going to make mistakes there’s no better time to do it than now”. With that in mind, I entered the workforce knowing full well that a job is a job and that I would not commit the majority of my life to something I wasn’t in love with. I would become the job market goldilocks, looking for something, anywhere, that would fit just right.

I write this from my old room in my mother’s house; a week ago I handed in my resignation and this past weekend, I drove 1300 miles back home in order to fully immerse myself in trading. As glamorous as it sounds, moving in with your parents to pursue your dream isn’t something that most of us would ever think of doing, specially after living on your own and having unrivaled amounts of freedom. Definitely not a sexy move in the eyes of many. After looking for the “perfect job” that would allow me to trade at my own discretion, I found that I was getting nowhere. Even when I was relatively close to getting something, I always got the usual “well you’re not seasoned enough/you don’t have enough experience” line that I’ve grown accustomed to. Faced with the prospect of getting more experience to do a job that I am not passionate about or staying at a job for financial security, I opted to follow my heart and go with the less traveled road instead. As unconventional as this decision is, I couldn’t be happier! If things don’t work out, I can say that I gave it my all and I know that regretting this move would not cross my mind. After all, taking risks is what trading is all about.



Lastly, I want to take a second to thank the people that have stood behind me and supported me (and still do), you guys made this possible and I can’t wait for us to look back to see how far we’ve come.

June Midweek #2

These past couple of weeks I’ve been bombarded with personal/work related crap so I had to stop trading for a bit. This week has been relatively stagnant, which is probably because of the FOMC announcement that came out today. No interest rate hike though, so activity should pick up tomorrow. Here’s a few stocks I will be glancing over the remainder of the week:

  • MGT: They announced the appointment of the Executive Director of Bitcoin, Bruce Fenton, to their Cryptocurrency Advisory Board this morning. The stock has been going on a pretty strong upward trend since, it could definitely pop in the morning
  • AKAO: had a nice 20 cent increase in the last 5 minutes before the closing bell and it hasn’t gone down a significant amount after hours. Possible gap play for tomorrow.
  • TA: they just rejected a buy out offer at $14 per share from Golden Gate Capital, which could lead to a an upward trend tomorrow, won’t pop like it did today, but it has potential to keep going up.


Pretty slow week, so if there’s nothing out there worth trading, keep your money safe in cash!



Summer is (almost) here! Being a summer child, I love it when June comes around and makes it unbearably hot and the only way to answer to the heat is by going to the pool/beach or staying home and trading/learn/prepare to trade. Although 2016 is halfway done, I am very happy with how much progress has been made so far! Profits could be higher, but so far I’ve managed to stay relatively consistent and that’s extremely encouraging. As long as we are getting better every month, then we’re getting that much closer to the full time day trading goal, so any minor setback is nothing but a lesson and push in the right direction.


Happy Trading guys!

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are essentially the standard deviation of a stock’s volatility, more specifically, these bands are plotted 2 standard deviations away from a simple 21 day moving average; the greater the volatility of the stock, the wider the bands get.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 8.03.35 PM

In the above picture, the arrows are pointing to the Bollinger Bands and the center line or 21 day simple moving average. The bands will widen the more volatile the stock gets, and they will contract or narrow once the price begins to level out and is no longer experiencing high levels of volatility.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 8.03.35 PM

When the price pattern is closing into the lower band, the stock is considered oversold, and when it gets closer to the upper band, the stock is considered overbought. Now I like to glance over my MACD when the stock crosses over the 21 day moving average of the Bollinger Bands, you can see that the MACD in the circled portion is beginning to indicate an upward trend, which means you should consider jumping in. I usually let it play out for a few seconds, depending on the volume, and if the price remains above the 21 day moving average, then we have a very good chance of making some real money.

Remember to stay vigilant! Once you’re in, don’t you dare leave the stock unattended! Things can easily go against you so it’s always in your best interest to keep an eye on your trade.


Note: ThinkorSwim uses 20 “bars” as the 21 day simple moving average.

Week of 5/16/16

This week was pretty awesome, mistakes were made, but that’s just unavoidable. Here are this week’s trades:

  • MGT: $76
  • MGT:$33
    • I talked about this stock in the Midweek review so I won’t get into the details as to why this stock did so well; however, I will talk about why I didn’t take advantage of it. The simple answer is that I got scared, I got scared that a stock that started out at $.49 a week ago (I traded it on Monday) could not possibly go past the $3 mark without plummeting like a ton of bricks (which it did, two days later). Now, I am ok with making mistakes that cost me “potential” profit more than I am ok with losing actual cash, but this specific trade hurt me more than it should have because I had a very strong gut feeling that it would keep going up until Tuesday morning. But I let fear overtake my gut feeling, along with my rationale, and took any profit I could. This is clearly the hardest part about trading, but it can only get better with time, as we all know, the more exposure you have to something the better equipped you are when dealing with it at a future time.
  • CLRB: $417

Mistakes and all, I’m very happy with how this week played out and can’t wait to see what next week is like 🙂

May Midweek #3

This week has been full of excitement so far! and here’s why:

  • MGT: so this stock completely skyrocketed this week! I actually caught some of the action, but failed to really capitalize on it. A lot of news came out about their investments in cybersecurity and other tech sector involvements, which is always a good catalyst for an upward run. The run took a turn for the worst today though, but it might pop a bit in the morning so it’s not a bad idea to glance over it.
  • GBSN: more than doubled today, a reaction to the news that they are starting a clinical trial for their sample-to-result Bordatella direct test, which will detect direct from a patient’s sample a bacterium that causes whooping cough. Worth a look a tomorrow morning.
  • CCXI: spiked through out the day due to news of high volume of insiders buying shares. The stock chart indicates that shares are still going up, which might carry out until tomorrow or even Friday.
  • DNAI: shares jumped 10% in after-hour trading, momentum could make this stock a great opening bell candidate.

As always, before entering a trade make sure it meets all your trade requirements!