Due to the fact that I am now a full-time equities day trader (man it felt amazing to type that!), I will be doing things a bit differently.

  • Instead of a weekly update of my profit or losses, it will now be a monthly update.
  • I will post a watchlist of stocks to look out for in the upcoming week every Sunday, while also posting a daily watchlist on StockTwits.
  • Any new software or tool that I come across will be reviewed detailedly.
  • Per the current system, I will keep posting random insights and helpful technical indicator posts that I’ve successfully used.

As my first week of being a full-time trader ends, I have to say that I’ve never been more excited and nervous at the same time. Last month I barely traded so this week I felt super rusty, kind of like when you were little and you fell of your bike and stopped riding it for awhile and when you finally got back on it you felt like you didn’t know what was going on below your waist. Just gotta shake it off and get back on the trading trails.

Since I’m brand new to this, consider this a work in progress and changes to the blog will be made the more experience I get. This week has been an eye opener, as there’s so much to learn! Right now I am currently playing around with the charting software TradingView and the news software TradeTheNews, so you can expect a review on both sometime this month.

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