Keep an Eye on these Stocks this week (9/12/16)

Friday Blues

Last Friday the stock market took a tumble. As you can see from the below picture, no sector escaped the market pull back. Because of this drop, I would highly suggest you are very careful when placing a trade these coming weeks. Sentiment is key, and right now most people are a bit shaken, which could translate to continual market sell off. As we are all traders, I will always advocate the “cash is king” mentality, if you are unsure of a stock and the volatility of this market makes you uncomfortable, keep your cash nice and safe and wait this week out until we have a better grasp of what the market has in store for us. This is all of course if you are a bullish trader, if you’re a bear then you should be doing rather well right now! Regardless, trade with unpredictability in mind.


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Earnings to Look Out For

  • Monday:
    • AGTC
    • FARM
    • SSL
    • UNFI
  • Tuesday
    • GMS
    • HOME
    • USAT
  • Wednesday
    • APIC
    • APOG
    • CLC
    • CBRL
    • STB
  • Thursday
    • ORCL

Upcoming IPO’s

Keep in mind that IPO’s schedule dates are flexible and last minute changes do occur, but as of right now these are the upcoming IPO’s according to the NASDAQ schedule.

  • Friday:
    • NBLX (Noble Midstream Partners LP)
    • EVBG (Eierbridge, Inc.)
    • FBK (FB Financial Corp)
    • NTB (Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son LTD)





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